I am Sepideh, a clinical social worker (CA ASW 34048, working under licensed supervision at a social service agency) and freelance writer/editor based in Los Angeles.

I work full-time as a clinician at a social service agency, serving Farsi-speaking and Iranian clients of all ages, where I focus on the intersection of mental health and migration/multicultural issues experienced by low-income people. It’s a very special privilege for me to work with this population, because I am a first-generation Iranian-American myself and can relate to many of my clients’ experiences.

I have an MSW from UCLA and a BA in English from USC. Before I became a mental health therapist, I was a writer and editor who got a very delicious start in food publishing and then worked at a couple of Internet start-ups, while writing freelance for magazines and websites. I have been published in Bon Appétit, Westways, and Wine & Spirits, among others (some of my older clips are here). I was also lucky enough to edit a cookbook before transitioning to doing mostly clinical work. And I worked with some great companies as a copywriter for their websites, white papers, and marketing materials.

In 2014, after taking a few years off from writing to focus fully on clinical work, I started writing freelance articles about travel and culture again.

My favorite thing about writing is highlighting special communities or experiences that are invisible but also very much accessible (i.e., I like to explore things that are within reach for the average person), finding beauty and meaning in someplace or something one might otherwise pass by without a second look.

For me, the process of writing and therapy are really similar - patiently uncovering that which is unknown, without judgment or preconception, in the spirit of service to others.

I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking sites, but if you’d like to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you. Email me: sepideh AT sepidehsaremi DOT com.